Enjoy the first-ever CRAFT BUFFET!

Our mission is to satisfy your crafty cravings.


Our vision is to be a haven that will spark creativity and nurture the crafter's entrepreneurial spirit.

At Heartworks Playroom, we let you...

Discover what you can do.

Your best fashion jewelry yet, a cigar box purse you can’t find anywhere else, or maybe get into that online business or hobby you’ve heard about but not sure how to get started.

Play around to your heart’s content. With our online platform, you can check out different ideas that could turn into cash. You can visit our store on-site to start creating! You can even capture the moment as you create. All this with not having to invest in any expensive tools nor expensive and lengthy courses.

At Heartworks Playroom we let you be the artist and entrepreneur while we provide you the studio-like experience and tools you need to get started.

Engage with your passion and with people.

Whether it’s your main job, a sideline or a pure hobby, creating is always fun when surrounded by the right tools with the right crowd. 

Our Story

Heartworks Playroom was conceptualized by a crafter who, in her younger years, had various interests but very limited financial resources. She realized that it was not easy if at all possible, to engage in all the crafty activities she liked. She had to put most of those interests on hold...


Now that she is a lot older and more resources are within reach, she came up with a "crafters' playground in a room." This is a playroom for people who, like her younger self, may not have enough means to try all the crafts they want. It is meant to be a haven for DIY enthusiasts and crafts lovers where they can be their creative selves and share their work.


Ages of thoughtful preparation have been invested in the creation of this playroom. And many challenges have been faced and overcome with the dedication of our team of heartists* from the family who helped out during the startup. 


*Heartist – Artists who work on their craft with love


 Our family, friends, loved ones, and budding artists and crafters like you inspire us to make this happen. Thank you all!

Heartworks Playroom is finally here to let you enjoy all you can craft in one room!

Operating Hours: 

Now Open online from 10:00 am to 12:00 am daily except Saturdays! 

The physical Store/workshop will open soon!

To reach us, please register online and input your questions, suggestions, or comments

or email us directly at [email protected]

Location: Mandaluyong city, NCR PH

New management, Same crafty fun!